The Towel Scene

Oye Shea Butter Presents - The Towel Scene. Waking up being wrapped around a towel, staring at ones reflection is the most vulnerable moment within our day. The visual series curated to emphasize and demonstrate the beauty of natural glow. We live in a society where we are fed daily what the ideal beauty must look like. The beauty industry is convincing us that covering up our natural beauty is better than glowing in our own natural state. Many of us find ourselves conforming to feel a sense of exception. Through these visuals, we showcase the importance of radiating in our barest form with Oye Shea Butter.

Creative Director - @tolucoye

Photographer -@a_kid_named_trav

Models- @modelvoss @_colombe_

Bts Cast - @_rrrah @doseofdots

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