Oye Cheerleaders

Oye Shea butter takes pride in being your personal cheerleader. With the capacity to tackle eczema, dry skin/hair, stretch marks, burns, allergic reactions etc-- Oye Shea Butter is the only cream you need. Oye would like to present to you our Fall 2017 visuals entitled “Oye Cheerleaders.” These #OyeBlessed individuals embody what it means to be confident, bold and moisturized. These images depict the various ways in which Oye Shea Butter can be used to moisturize your body, lips, beard and hair. Partnered with the Ilari comb, used for parting hair and combing beards, Oye Shea Butter and Illari Combs are must-haves!. For all the people who like to stay active, make Oye your locker room essential.


Creative Direction  – Tolu Oye

Costume Designs – Tolu Oye


Photographer – Dotun Abeshinbioke

Models- Helena Koudou, Rahilou Diallo, Tahiry Bah, Richard Nwaoko


tolu Oye