Women’s March on Washington


Oye’s sisters Tolu and Kanyin disobeyed their parents by taking a trip to Washington, Dc for The Women’s March on Washington Jan 21, 2017. They did any means necessary to be one of the 470,000 people who attended history being made. Even if it meant taking a bus ride from Columbus, Ohio to New York then another bus ride from New York to Washington, DC. As they got off the bus their legs felt like boiled spaghetti but they were amazed to see the power of unity. Several people all around the world came together to march for our country, our rights, our protection, our safety and health. The march meant so much to the sisters not only as women but an immigrant.

The Oye Family moved to The United States in August 2000. Tolu, the oldest sister honestly didn't know what was going on. She was just tired of seeing her dad only on Christmas. Her dad worked and fought hard for her, her mother and younger sister kanyin to move to America. He wanted a better life for them so he could rewrite his story.

 Last year while Tolu had the opportunity in visiting Nigeria. During her trip people face brightened up when they found out she was from America they called her “omo ame” translated as American child. In their eyes you can tell that they thought she was walking on gold paved streets but those streets have been graded, filled up, expanded, colored and are now shattered. No matter what the system is trying to do lets come together and fixed are shattered streets so we can walk on them once again.


tolu Oye